You are successful, you’ve worked hard and run a profitable business. You can handle the customers, the suppliers, the staff and all the other challenges. But, probably, you haven’t been through a business purchase before – most people haven’t. However, this is one of few remaining ways of making some serious money and may give you a new dimension in personal challenge and fulfilment.

If you are considering, or have ever considered, the possibility of buying the business that you know and have worked for then we should talk. More than in any other transaction you will need someone on your side who can advise, and who has “been there”.

You will be faced with many important questions:

  • Is this business worth buying; does it have long term profit and growth prospects?
  • Is the existing management team adequate or will it need strengthening with some outside expertise?
  • How much should we pay for it?
  • Can we persuade the present owners to sell? On what terms?
  • Will there be other competitive buyers and how should we handle them?
  • How can we raise the necessary finance? · How much does the team need to put in?
  • If we end up with institutional shareholders, what will they want and can I rely on them if the going gets tough?

We are experienced in conducting management buy-outs and are with you every step of the way. We will help you in every aspect of the transaction from the initial evaluation of whether the deal is possible, through detailed negotiations with the vendors and with potential sources of finance through to the final completion meeting when the deal is signed and you own your own business.

We understand the issues and we are on your side.

For more information contact Dave Turner on 0118 950 9200 or email dave@turnerbarratt.co.uk