Financial Modelling

If you need a complex financial model building to help with any business proposition then we can help.  We are experienced with the construction of financial models and will build them to fit around your particular problem or question.  Because we do not use branded modelling software, each model is custom built and we are able to build in complete flexibility and ensure the model is tailored to your specific requirements.  Each is designed around your problem- we are starting each time with a blank sheet.

We will discuss with you at the outset the model that you need, understand the key business drivers and assumptions and establish what form of output you need.  We will design the model to produce whatever reports you need and will typically build in complete flexibility on all key parameters so that sensitivity analysis, assumptions changes and “what if” questions are all easily handled.  We are used to using complex formulae to automate most of the internal calculations.  Output may include profit and loss statements, cashflow statements, balance sheets, tax reporting, KPIs, meeting financial covenants etc.

Don’t worry that your project is too complex – if you can describe it, we can model it.

For more information contact Dave Turner on 0118 950 9200 or email