Finance Raising

You need to raise some finance. Maybe you have a successful business which has a great opportunity to expand. Maybe you have no business but a wonderful idea or new product or service which you want to launch. You have drive and enthusiasm but need to convince someone to back you with hard cash in order to make it happen.

  • Who should you approach?
  • Do you need bank finance, venture capital or a business angel?
  • Is a flotation practicable?
  • How much do you actually need?
  • How will you convince them that your idea is worth backing?
  • Will you end up giving away too much of your business?

Turner Barratt can help. We are experienced in raising finance for both established businesses and start-ups. We can help to identify the best source of finance for your situation and then make it happen. We understand the difficulties faced by new and growing businesses and can help you manage your cash and working capital. We will listen carefully to your plans and then guide you to the best solution. We will help you forecast your real cash needs and approach appropriate sources of finance with carefully argued plans. We will be on your side throughout to make sure that you obtain the backing you need without giving up the whole business.

We can help you raise the finance you need to succeed.

For more information contact Dave Turner on 0118 950 9200 or email