Business Sales

Running your own business is not easy. It may be challenging and fun but it’s not easy. Over the years you’ve worked hard and made your business successful. However, there is one final challenge which many businessmen and women find particularly difficult. At some stage you will want to retire and enjoy the fruits of your hard work: and, if the business is to continue to grow and prosper maybe you need to, even if you don’t want to!

There is no standard solution to this question. You can pass the business on to family or to employees, you can make a clean break or gradually wind down your involvement. You can sell the business to a trade buyer. Many people find this a difficult and emotional issue to discuss, particularly with those normally closest to them. The chances are that you have not been through this process before and maybe you are not sure where to get advice.

Turner Barratt can help. We are experienced in selling businesses and in handling succession issues. We will listen to you and help to formulate a plan which suits your wishes and needs. We will make sure you receive full value for the business which you have built but in a way which protects it and allows it to continue to grow and prosper. We can handle a sale of your business confidentially, protecting you from the competition.

We can help you pass on your most prized asset.

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