You’re running a successful business and making profits. You can handle the day-to-day issues and the strategic direction. But now you’ve set your sights on rapid expansion and need to make an acquisition. You don’t have a big team of researchers and financial analysts and can’t afford to divert resources away from the business. You haven’t done this before and are confronted by unfamiliar questions :

  • How do I decide what sort of business will fit in?
  • How do I identify the sort of business I’m looking for?
  • How do I approach businesses once they are identified?
  • How will I handle discussions with them and sort out the serious sellers from those merely seeking competitive information about my business?
  • How will I decide what is a fair price and handle all of the negotiations?
  • Will I be able to tell which are sensible buys and which are desperate “fire sales”.

Turner Barratt can help. We are experienced in conducting acquisition search work and will assist with the whole process from defining the profile of your targets, through identification, initial enquiry and screening to detailed negotiation with the vendors and due diligence work.

We can help you grow by acquisition.

For more information contact Dave Turner on 0118 950 9200 or email